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                                                          @Home San Miguel:

@Home San Miguel - is a family owned company that provides a variety of services not only to homeowners, but visitors as well as local entrepreneurs and members of the SMA community.


Having lived here most of our lives and seeing the changes around us we can help newcomers through hands on, personalized services that range from providing tips and information about San Miguel to projects as big as building or remodeling a house.

For the community members, we help create links and positive relationships acting as a liaison that will help improve their lives and even their business.

Our main Services:

Home Management 



Maintenance and Improvement

Home Remodel

Custom Services and Assistance 

We provide most of our services to homeowners of  San Miguel that need help maintaining, improving, renting or selling their homes. We strive to always be the team that cares about the well-being of each property whether it's large, small, simple or luxurious. We like to help owners by taking on tasks and responsibilities that they rather not spend their time on so they can focus on enjoying all that San Miguel has to offer.

With over 10 years of experience, we have created systems of operations and the right relationships to help us get things done properly and efficiently, causing our clients to detach and just feel at @home.

Guest Reviews:

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